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Find a Local Dealership has over a 1000 local dealerships, auto mechanics, and body shop listings for you to browse at your leisure.

Car Dealership Staff Says It All

Individuals looking to use a car dealership for the purchase or lease of an automobile should consider what type of staff the car dealership has. Even, for example, if you were going to purchase Toyota from a dealership, there are many competing dealerships nearby. Are the employees friendly and helpful or do they make customers wait a long time on hold or in the showroom before someone helps them? Since the car buying or leasing process can sometimes be a long and tedious one, it is important that the individuals whom the prospective customer will be dealing with are easy to get along with and helpful. It is also vital that the car dealership staff is efficient and knowledgeable as well.

Ripped off By Auto Body Shops?

When you pre-select an auto body shop, you approach your investigation at your leisure and when your head is clear. It is possible to take the time to ask around among your friends and business associates about any recommendations they might have for you. A good report from a friend who has had dealings with the shop can be invaluable. People involved in the automobile industry generally have opinions on good body shops. This could be servicemen at your local gas station, or even salesmen at used car dealerships.

Car Mechanics That Are Honest

For someone with an older car, finding a good dependable mechanic is oftentimes a long process. Check for certifications, such as ASE, and again, take your car in for minor service and watch how it's done, if possible. One of the best ways to find a good general mechanic is by word-of-mouth, including Internet word-of-mouth on various shops in your area. For people with older classic cars, one good way is simply finding other cars of similar make and model in parking lots, and starting up a conversation with the owner of that car. For people with more current cars, asking questions of coworkers, of neighbors, or your local church will often give you some leads towards a good mechanic.

Auto Body Shops

Sometimes the purpose of the auto body shop is not to perform the actual work. Auto body shops can be used by insurance adjusters to determine a monetary value to damage. This estimated cost of repair can be used in the settlement of an insurance claim. Estimates are sometimes used as loss value in law suits resulting from accidents.


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